sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2016

Mind missing body.

I took the liberty to not be just the land where I dwell since that moment you let me feel the blow coming out of your can-drive-me-crazy thin mouth. Aroused and delighted by a poignant arid mixed of fragrances I thought there was nothing I could do but to embrace it and to feel embraced. I let my mind wander around while my now empty body stood still, motionless. I couldn't even feel your body being pressured against mine. A hopeless wanderer, for sure, as the song would say.

Breathing in a way I could feel it coming in straight and slowly to my lungs. Exhaling it hotter than I could expect it would even be. Well, I sure wasn't there to witness and fully comprehend what was going since that body and mind split-up caused by a simple thin-mouth-blow but I'm sure it went down deep, as deep as you could possibly feel or imagine. By the way, what's the difference between feeling and imagining? Better, where is it that your mind goes when it's not in the body land you dwell? Is it only responding accordingly to your nerves or is it taking you to a vast and secret hiding place where you can choose what to do, to be and to desire? At least this is the closest I can get to the definition of the word 'imagine': getting lost in a place you've always known.

It lasted a couple of seconds. Maybe two or three twisted-eye twinkles. I'd rather still be there though, hidden yet embraced, doped yet awake, charmed but not mistaken. The only problem is that I'm still waiting for my mind to return from this unpredictable travel. Well, let's hope it stays wherever it is 'cause I really don't wanna be mine for now.

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